How to Use a Tow Strap

Questions and Answers Comments User Reviews A flatbed, or rollback, tow truck is an ideal way to tow a vehicle. Since the vehicle being towed is riding on the flatbed, the towed vehicle’s wheels are not turning. This saves wear and tear on your tires, and other parts that are affected from the spinning wheels ordinarily. If you have a four-wheel drive, damaged, or large vehicle, a flatbed tow truck is a life-saver. The tow truck operator can easily lower the back of the flatbed to the road surface, attach two end-hooks to tow slots at the bottom front of your vehicle, and pull your car or truck into place with a powerful automated winch. It is important to know how to secure your vehicle on a flatbed tow truck.

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Miolle Tow Strap 3”x20’ (lb) With Loops and D-Hook Shackles – Recovery Rope Heavy Duty – Towing Straps – Snatch Ropes for Truck and Car by Miolle $ $ 35 99 Prime.

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YITAMOTOR Recovery Strap, Tow Strap D Ring Shackle 2 Inch x 13 Ft Heavy Duty Nylon Tow Strap up to lbs Off-Road Recovery Towing. by YITAMOTOR. $ $ 14 89 Prime. Promotion Available; See Details. With Loops and D-Hook Shackles – Recovery Rope Heavy Duty – Towing Straps – Snatch Ropes for Truck and Car. by Miolle. $ $ 36 99 Prime.

Nothing presents itself as a likely location for a tow hook. It’s hard to be sure, with the “bumper” cover in the way. I’d be nice to see pics with cover removed. I recall one pic of van without cover, but, I don’t remember seeing the bumper — guessing it was off, too. It seems you’d have to figure out an attachment right where the under-engine subframe connects to the front of the unibody “frame”, on one side or other assuming it’s strong enough; not much else to work with.

But, probably have to do it as a clamp-on, because making holes would weaken things. Another possibility for getting a tow, may be getting a strap around the subframe, near the unibody connect. I can see where there’s just about room to do this on either side; the cover is notched, but not quite right — there’s enough of the bumper cover in the way up under — not normally visible that it would probably be deformed, or torn up by the strap.

I may look again, and consider removing some of that material to make strap tow more practical. I was trying to get an idea of what the bumper looks like, but, there’s NO place to view it. I got my hands between the slats above the center step, to feel around. The meat is above: On first feel, I missed the folding, and, they seemed to be tubular. You certainly can not tow from there, even with good attachment; it would deform too easily.

Tow Straps and Recovery Straps

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January Learn how and when to remove this template message A snatch strap is a piece of equipment used to help in the recovery of vehicles bogged in sand or mud. This stretching property allows the strap to store kinetic energy , which is used to pull vehicles from a bog.

Tow Strap lb Capacity- High Quality Weather Resistant Nylon Rope Forged Steel Hook Construction, Fluorescent Yellow Color for Safety by Stalwart Add To Cart There is .

Even if the towing vehicle is level with the Camaro it would definitely touch the GFX and put some kind of force to it. None of the structural other than the lower control arm is below the GFX. That’s pretty much the reason I would prolly not have anything other than a tow truck that only touches the wheels haul my ride. If yer in a ditch this argument is moot since the GFX is prolly already a bunch of plastic shards along the side of the road.

But seeing how I live in the country and my main concerns are mud and snow on the road to my house I’m not going to call a flat bed to come and get me when we have tractors and 4wd trucks at my house not daily drivers just crappy farm trucks that’ll get the job done if needed. IMO I want one that doesn’t show And if its not a permanent fixture that sticks out and I can screw it in and out I don’t care how it looks while its being towed.

The hook will not be visible so no worries. If I was stuck in a ditch I would have more concerns than just being pulled out


The right recovery straps and how to use them can make the difference if you can pull your vehicle out safely or if you have to wait on a tow truck. A high quality strap without hooks attached to it is the strap you want to use for getting a vehicle unstuck. Now look below, this is NOT a recovery strap: This is called a “tow” strap. The main reason not to use this for recovery is simple. If the recovery strap or your recovery hardware breaks, it’s not safe to have a metal hook flying off at speeds in excess of mph.

One didnt, and i didn’t know where to hook up from, so we dug it and pushed it out. The other day, my dad ran off the road in the snow, and he said the towtruck driver hooked up to his axle. (He would’ve called me but it was rush hour and the police showed up).

Download and print this guide: Safety messages alert you to possible hazards and instruct you on how to avoid or reduce the risk of injury. Make sure all drivers read and understand all these instructions. See the Connecting Your Trailer section for auto transport trailer hook up instructions. A U-Haul representative can assist if you require assistance.

Or, for a video go to: The vehicle-in-tow must be loaded facing forward on the auto transport AT trailer. Then stop to reload the vehicle-in- tow facing forward as soon as possible, and remove any cargo from the vehicle-in-tow vehicle carried on trailer. Let off the gas pedal and hold the steering wheel in a straight-ahead position. Steering or braking during a disturbance can cause a loss of control or crash.

Let off the gas pedal and slow down below 25 mph. Then steer gradually back onto the roadway. Proceed with caution entering traffic.

B/A Cluster Tie Down Straps w/ Mini J R & T Hooks 2″

Front hooks on a Ford F Step 1 – Jack up your truck and remove the tires Park your truck on level ground and set the parking brake. Loosen the lug nuts from both front wheels. Jack the truck up and place a jack stand under each axle. Place the jack on the axle. Remove the front wheels and tires.

Attach the other end of the strap to your car’s tow hook. photo by Matt Wright, Before attaching the other end of the towing line to the vehicle you are towing, first, make sure that the strap is not twisted.

Our tow straps are available in flat loop, reinforced, and 2 ply options. The loop sewn at each end allows the strap to be slipped easily onto a tow hook. Check Safety Working Load limit as stated on this site as well as attached label to ensure the correct number of assembly is used for a given load. Each assembly is only strong as its weakest part so proper inspection prior to use is necessary as any damages may compromise the integrity of the unit.

It is your responsibility to review the Federal D. These units are not designed to or approved for overhead lifting. Never exceed Safety Working Load. Using corner protectors is recommended to protect webbing and cargo. Do not use any webbing or bungee products that show signs of excessive wear, nicks, cuts, abrasions, worn stitching, chemical burns, holes, or hardware is defective. The maximum load a tie-down should be subject to during normal use. The minimum load a complete assembly will withstand before failure in a laboratory setting when the product is new.

Our pickup truck products are packaged in a durable plastic clamshell. Types of anchor points include:

How to Install a Tow Strap on a Car