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The student code of conduct must be posted and prominently displayed at each school campus or made available for review at the office of the campus principal. In addition to establishing standards for student conduct, the student code of conduct must: A self-defense; B intent or lack of intent at the time the student engaged in the conduct; C a student’s disciplinary history; or D a disability that substantially impairs the student’s capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of the student’s conduct; 5 provide guidelines for setting the length of a term of: A a removal under Section A managing students in the classroom, on school grounds, and on a vehicle owned or operated by the district; B disciplining students; and C preventing and intervening in student discipline problems, including bullying, harassment, and making hit lists; and 9 include an explanation of the provisions regarding refusal of entry to or ejection from district property under Section A a firearm, as defined by Section Added by Acts , 74th Leg. Amended by Acts , 75th Leg. June 19, ; Acts , 78th Leg. Acts , 79th Leg.

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A pH of 7 is neutral, acidic soils have a pH of less than 7 and alkaline soils have a pH of greater than 7. Phloem- also known as inner bark, phloem transports dissolved nutrients from the leaves to the other parts of trees and woody plants Photogrammetry – the science of interpreting and making reliable measurements from aerial photographs Photosynthesis – the process by which plants manufacture simple sugars in the presence of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water.

Chlorophyll is essential to the process Plantation – an artificially reforested area established by planting or direct seeding and usually made up of a single species Point Source Pollution – sources of water pollution generally a man-caused pollutant which can be traced to a specific place or location i. The sun, wind, falling water and trees are examples of renewable resources Residual Stand – trees, often of saw log size, left in a stand after logging to grow until the next harvest Residual Trees – live trees left standing after the completion of harvesting Rill Erosion – an erosion process in which numerous small channels only several inches deep are formed; occurs mainly on disturbed and exposed soils Riparian – vegetation that grows close to water; creeks, springs, small lakes or swamps.

Seed Tree Method – a natural regeneration method where all but a few trees are removed from the harvest area at one time. The tips of shoots contain the apical meristem. Expressed as a ratio, the first number is the horizontal distance run and the second is the vertical distance rise , as 2: Expressed in degrees, the slope is the angle from the horizontal plane, with a 90 degree slope being vertical maximum and a 45 degree slope being a 1: Right and left banks are named facing downstream Streamside Management Zone SMZ – forested area immediately adjacent to stream channels.

Managed for forest resources with specific attention given to measures that can be taken to protect both instream and downstream water quality as well as other beneficial uses. Common sale methods are 1 Lump sum- a specified area or volume of standing trees is sold for a cash price before cutting and 2 Unit Sale- the buyer pays a specified amount for each unit of timber cut T. A drainage ditch which drains water away from roads Uneven-aged Management- management of forests in such a way as to get a spread of age classes ranging from small seedlings to mature trees Upland- higher ground of a region; elevated above other land.


Here are five things to know about the red-hot Wolverines. The Wolverines were feeling the heat on Saturday though against Houston. Freshman guard Jordan Poole drained a three-pointer at the buzzer to give Michigan a win over the Cougars — true madness in March.

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During the Seventies, Sonny Falcon would turn Texans into fajita fanatics at concession stands across the state. Photo courtesy Falcon Family One of the most interesting facets of the American culinary revolution of the past 50 years is our growing fascination with culinary history. It seems the more we learn about the ethnic melting pot that makes up the American table, the more curious we become about regional cuisines and the origin of specific dishes.

Texas is the proud home of an authentic regional cuisine, and the provenance of Tex-Mex foods is currently a very hot topic with everyone from academic researchers to cookbook authors to magazine and newspaper food writers. In exploring the history of fajitas, several credible stories emerge, and all of them have roots in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. It only makes sense that several people from the same ethnic group with roots in the same geographic area would come up with similar cooking techniques and names for the raw materials at hand.

Texas A&M at Alabama final score: Crimson Tide vanquish their toughest SEC foe

It felt like the Tide were dominating throughout the game, but red zone issues in the first half Alabama was just 1 for 4 allowed the Aggies to hang around. Alabama’s offense moved the ball well all game but left points on the board early on with three drives stalling out inside the In the second half, the Tide punched the ball into the end zone twice on offense and for the 10th straight game got a non-offensive touchdown courtesy of star defensive lineman Jonathan Allen — his second touchdown of the season.

The Tide’s defense was as dominant as ever.

Breakaway is a non-denominational, weekly Bible study on the campus of Texas A&M University. We exist to introduce college students to Jesus Christ and call them to walk with Him for a lifetime. We accomplish this through worship, Bible teaching and resources. While not affiliated with any one c.

Prosecutors’ offices click here here for information on the new Subsequent Indictment on Article 42A. Click here for more information. The TDCJ Victim Services Division is now providing two additional notifications on the warrant process for all registrants on our confidential notification database. These two notifications inform victims if an arrest warrant is withdrawn or if an arrest is made on an offender who is on parole supervision. Statutory victims may elect to receive these notifications via text message and may contact the TDCJ Victim Services Division for more information on the process.

Parole Warrant Process Information. A summary of these sections is provided below. Notifications are available via e-mail, letter, or both.


Amarillo Little Theatre, Civic Circle. Closed Monday-Friday; 10 a. Your Summit Church, 12th Ave. Serv Team Appreciation Team:

Texas A&M Aggies refers to the students, graduates, and sports teams of Texas A&M University. LSU sporadically throughout the 20th Century, the LSU–Texas A&M Rivalry is the Aggies’ seventh oldest, with the series dating back to Since Texas A&M joined the SEC in , fans anticipate LSU to become Texas A&M’s primary rival.

Fort Worth[ edit ] From the s to the s, an independent label out of Fort Worth known as Bluebonnet recorded numerous albums of high-quality material by many pioneer artists in the country music and religious genres such as Bradley Kincaid , the Girls of the Golden West , Buddy Starcher , Yodelin’ Kenny Roberts , and many other country music and gospel pioneers, many of whom had been popular on radio in the first half of the 20th century. Terrell High School , where G.

Baxter was the music instructor. After 8 albums on E. A co-writer of Bloodrock songs and hits, Johnny Nitzinger still plays local venues and creates recordings. Toadies ‘ debut album Rubberneck went platinum in T-Bone Burnett grew up in Fort Worth. Nintendocore band Sky Eats Airplane formed in Ft. Houston[ edit ] Houston has been home to some of the more experimental and extreme music of Texas.

From Mayo Thompson’s psychedelic free music group the Red Crayola and the experimental work of composer Pauline Oliveros to the hardcore rap of the Geto Boys and the primordial sludge rock of Rusted Shut, the has long waved the freak flag over the Lone Star state.

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Aggie softball player at the Aggie Softball Complex The softball team formed in the —73 season. It also has eleven College World Series appearances. Under her leadership, the Aggies have won two conference regular season championships and , one conference tournament championship , appeared in the NCAA Regionals nine times, winning two, and the Super Regionals thrice, winning two.

Students at Texas A&M University enjoy hundreds of degree programs, on campus living, and student organizations, plus dozens of intramural sports.

A report on the team’s findings is scheduled for online publication May 13 in Science Advances. The researchers excavated the Page-Ladson site near Tallahassee, an archaeological site that is 26 feet underwater in a sinkhole on the Aucilla River. It was named Page-Ladson after Buddy Page, a former Navy Seal diver who first brought the site to the attention of archaeologists, and the Ladson family, owners of the property. The site was first investigated from to by James Dunbar and David Webb.

But their original findings, which included eight stone tools and a mastodon tusk with apparent cut marks, were dismissed. U-M’s Fisher reassembled and re-examined the tusk and concluded that the original interpretation–that the deep, parallel grooves in the surface of the tusk are cut marks made by humans using stone tools to remove the tusk from the skull–is correct. The stone tools included a biface, a knife used for cutting and butchering animal meat.

Seventy-one new radiocarbon dates from the Page-Ladson site leave no doubt that the artifacts date to about 14, years ago. It’s believed that Clovis hunters–once widely considered the first inhabitants of the Americas–settled in various sites about 13, years ago. These people were well-adapted to this environment. The site is a slam-dunk pre-Clovis site with unequivocal artifacts, clear stratigraphy and thorough dating. The grooves are perpendicular to the long axis of the tusk.

Most are 6 to 8 centimeters long and 1. The tusk may have been removed to gain access to edible tissue at its base, Fisher said.

“Help! I’m in an Interracial Dating Desert!”